Injection Molding Vs Thermoforming

The plastic industry has grown over the years into a rather diverse and versatile industry. Plastics are one of the most ubiquitous groups of materials ever developed by present civilization. From construction to biomedicals to several other industries, plastics find use in almost every aspect of our daily existence. As such the industry has developed …

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What is Three Plate Mold?

The three-plate is also named small gate mold, with an additional mold plate between the cavity and top clamp plate. This supplementary plate is called a runner plate. It allows the plastic molded parts and the runner scrap to release separately. The three plate mold construction is divided into three distinct plate structures that separate …

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Two Plate Mold

What is Two-Plate Mold?

What is Two Plate Mold? Two plate mold is the primary and simplest injection mold structure. It has a very straightforward manufacturing process and generally has the fewest number of moving parts. Two plate mold splits into a movable half and fixed half when the mold opens. The movable half is attached to the moving …

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