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About Us

Shenzhen DEK Industry Co., Ltd was established in 2002 and has become a reliable supplier with 18 years experience in design, develop and manufacturing mold components. After years of continuous development and progress, DEK has mature production skills and sophisticated technologies and has been a leader in China mold components manufacturing.

DEK has an experienced engineers team and workers, our production equipment and testing machines are made in Japan and Germany, to ensure produce the highest quality products to customers. At the same time, we never stop to develop and improve technology, this is why customers have been satisfied with our cooperation for more than ten years.

Welcome to visit our factory, you will get all high-quality mold components and service in DEK.

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Our Goal

Make mold components standardized and convenient. Make Mold manufacturing more efficient.


In 1998, we entered the mold industry. In 2002, we formally established a company. Compared with other companies, our scale is still expanding, we never stop developing.


In DEK, our employees bring many years of Programming, Machining, Tool & Die Making, and Engineering experience to work every day. Our customers have long valued this accessibility to our extensive knowledge base as a resource in the optimization of design, troubleshooting or cost-reducing strategies.

Ejector Pin Supplier
Ejector Pins / Month
Core Pin Supplier
Core Pins / Month
Guide Pin Supplier
Guide Pins / Month
wear plate supplier
Wear Plates / Month

Machine List

  • Ejector Pin Automatic Production Line 10Pcs
  • CNC Wirecut 4Pcs
  • CNC Milling Machine 6Pcs
  • EDM 6Pcs
  • Centerless Grinding Machine 30Pcs
  • Precision Lathe 40Pcs
  • Surface Grinding 28Pcs
  • Stamping Machine 6Pcs
  • Pin Grinding 18Pcs
  • Drilling Machine 10Pcs
  • CNC Drilling Machine 2Pcs
  • Heading Machine 2Pcs
  • Nitriding Furnace 2Pcs
  • End Machine 6Pcs
  • Polishing Machine 6Pcs
  • Tapping Machine 4Pcs
  • Straightening Machine 4Pcs




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Best Supplier Certification, from Midea

Looking for a professional supplier to Improve mold quality and speed up your business?

DEK has a full range of production equipment, ultra-precision testing equipment, experienced technical engineers, and a variety of products, which can help you improve the quality of mold and speed up your business. Contact us now! For your next mold components.