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Welcome to DEK - Your Best Supplier of Precision Mold Components

Founded in 2002, DEK has been one of the leading mold components suppliers in the world. DEK is a uniquely structured company providing mold components and custom-made services to customers worldwide in a broad variety of industries.

As a leading precision mold components supplier, we offer products and services that will enable customers to improve their business bottom lines. DEK continuously develops and invests in new products, and we never stop improving the quality of our product, use advanced production technologies and a strict control system to ensure high quality. This is how we differentiate ourselves from the competition and is also why we can remain on top of the industry for so many years.

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China #1 Injection Mold Components Supplier
Precision. Rapid. Cost-Effective

Our mold components are widely used in the plastic injection mold, die casting, metal stamping dies, hot runner system, etc. These high-quality mold components help many enterprises around the world to improve the production efficiency and reduce costs.

Customized fabrication services
Custom-made your special mold components

In addition to supplying standard mold components, we also provide a variety of customized processing services. We have a series of high-precision production equipment and testing equipment, which can be processed 100% according to drawings. In addition, our experienced engineers can provide design and application suggestions for your special mold components.

Why DEK is your best Mold Components Supplier

Save Your Time

Shorten Your Lead Times

For standard mold parts, we have a big stock, usually will send out within 1 day.

For customized products, we have a full series machine and knowledgeable staff, can finish producing in a short time.

Partner with us to streamline your product delivery, and shorten your lead times.

Shrink Your Supply Chain

Shrink Your Supply Chain

DEK is a one-stop manufacturer that has round and square parts manufacturing capabilities.

Our extensive range of capabilities and continued investment in technologies ensure that you can get all mold components in one place, reduce your numbers of suppliers, reduce your worries, so you can keep focus on developing the business.

Save Your Money

Reduce Your Costs

Our 18+ years of unmatched products, the extensive range of manufacturing capabilities and innovative technologies, supported with great customer services, will help you reduce your total cost.

Feedback from 2320+ customers, our clients can save more than 67% cost after cooperating with us, much lower than the supplier made in Europe.

Clients & Testimonials

Amazing experience. All the exceptions fulfilled. Exceptional quality and surface finish. Lead time faster than initially stated.
Dave Nguyen
When we started working with DEK, we noticed an immediate difference in lead time and product cost. After 2 years of cooperation, we managed to reduce production costs by up to 56%.
Julian Orbital
Our mold core pins require O.D tolerance ±0.0005mm, DEK do it well and the price is very cheap, amazing cooperation!
Richard Huang
Mold Engineer
Looking for a professional supplier to Improve mold quality and speed up your business?

DEK has a full range of production equipment, ultra-precision testing equipment, experienced technical engineers, and a variety of products, which can help you improve the quality of mold and speed up your business. Contact us now! For your next mold components.